How to Make Easy Origami Elephant Face

Easy origami elephant face with a cute nose, let’s learn how to make it, you will have a good time with your family by folding this elephant face together.

origami elephant face | Origami Ok

We provide step-by-step diagram instructions and beginner-friendly videos. Check both for quicker learning.

If you are new to origami, start here from our beginner guide to know the basics and how to read the step-by-step instructions.

  • Folding time: 5 minutes
  • Paper: 15×15 cm
  • Difficulty: Easy, Beginner friendly


Get a 15*15 cm origami paper, with one grey and one white side, and you will get a 6.5*13 cm elephant face. Another size of square origami paper will also work for this origami, creating a different size of elephant face.

origami elephant face

Easy Origami Elephant Face Video

You can refer to the video.

Easy Origami Elephant Face

Step 1

Start with the white side of the paper facing up and fold in half diagonally.

origami elephant face

Step 2

Take the one point over to the other side to make a center crease. Then unfold it.

origami elephant face

Step 3

Take the right edge, and fold it to the left to meet the middle crease.

Repeat the left side too.

origami elephant face

Step 4

Take the right point as the base point, fold the right top point down diagonally to form a triangle. Make sure the bottom line of the triangle is parallel to the top line.

Repeat the left side too.

origami elephant face

Step 5

Take the right point, fold it to the left a little diagonally to form the elephant’s ear.

Repeat this for the left point.

origami elephant face

Step 6

Flip it over, we are going to make the elephant’s nose.

origami elephant face

Step 7

Fold the bottom point up along the dotted line.

origami elephant face

Step 8

Then fold it down diagonally a little.

origami elephant face

Step 9

Fold the top part of the nose down (recommend 3/4 down). You can adjust for a long or a short nose.

origami elephant face

Step 10

Draw the elephant’s eyes.

origami elephant face

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