Super Easy Origami For Kids

If you are looking for some of the super easy origami model for kids around 5 years old, we have selected the basic origami ideas. Kids can finish all the ideas within 15 steps.

We provide detailed step by step instruction for each of the origami model with a short video to make sure your kids can finish the folding and enjoy the fun of origami.

origami pinwheel | Origami Ok

Origami Pinwheel

5 Minutes

origami tomato | Origami Ok

Origami Tomato

5 Minutes

origami fortune teller | Origami Ok

Origami Fortune Teller

5 Minutes

origami banana | Origami Ok

Origami Banana

5 Minutes

origami overalls | Origami Ok

Origami Overalls

5 Minutes

origami mushroom | Origami Ok

Origami Mushroom

5 Minutes

origami frog face | Origami Ok

Origami Frog Face

10 Minutes

origami four leaf clover | Origami Ok

Origami Four Leaf Clover

5 Minutes

origami Santa | Origami Ok

Origami Santa

8 Minutes

origami pig face | Origami Ok

Origami Pig Face

5 Minutes

origami bell | Origami Ok

Origami Bell

8 Minutes

origami eggplant | Origami Ok

Origami Eggplant

5 Minutes

origami plane

Origami Plane

3 Minutes

how to make an origami apple | OrigamiOk

Origami Flat Apple

5 Minutes

origami cute chicken | Origami Ok

Origami Chicken

5 Minutes

origami elephant face | Origami Ok

Origami Elephant Face

5 Minutes

learn how to make Origami Penguin | Origami Ok

Origami Penguin

5 Minutes

origami panda face

Origami Panda Face

5 Minutes

origami for kids |

We have other collection of different types of origami ideas, check the following for more inspiration.

Easy and simple origami for beginner |

Easy Origami Ideas

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Origami Animals

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Origami Boxes

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Cute Origami Ideas

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