Easy Origami Ideas: Simple Folding for Beginners

With the development of Morden origami, there are lots of advanced, complex and realistic origami projects.

But we believe fun and creativity of origami also exist in easy and simple models. If you are new in the world of origami, starting with simple projects like cranes, boats, some basic shapes or animal faces can help to build the confidence. Most of our easy origami ideas can be finished within an half hour and needs around 15 steps.

Each of the model have detailed step by step instructions and video tutorial. So let’s folding together.

Easy classic origami ideas

There are lots of most popular and classic origami ideas such as origami boats, airplanes or butterfly. Following are most popular ones.

origami boat | origamiok.com

Origami Boat

5 Minutes

origami fortune teller | Origami Ok

Origami Fortune Teller

5 Minutes

origami sailboat | origamiok

Origami Sailboat

10 minutes

how to make an origami box | origami ok

Origami Box

5 Minutes

Easy Animal Faces

Animal face is the easiest project to start if you are new to origami. Those origami animal faces are flat and thus you can combine them with other crafts. For example our simple penguin can be used in to make a family card with larger and smaller ones.

origami frog face | Origami Ok

Origami Frog Face

10 Minutes

origami pig face | Origami Ok

Origami Pig Face

5 Minutes

origami elephant face | Origami Ok

Origami Elephant Face

5 Minutes

origami fox face | Origami Ok

Origami Fox Face

5 Minutes

origami cow face | Origami Ok

Origami Cow Face

5 Minutes


Origami Monkey Face

5 Minutes

origami panda face

Origami Panda Face

5 Minutes

bear face | origami ok

Origami Bear Face

5 Minutes

how to make origami dog face | origami ok

Origami Dog Face

6 Minutes

rabbit face | Origami Ok

Origami Rabbit Face

5 Minutes

easy origami cat face | Origami Ok

Origami Cat Face

5 Minutes

Easy Origami Animals

You may see super complex origami animals from Modern origami, most of the traditional origami animals are easy quite cute. Following are our best popular easy origami Animals.

origami fox | Origami Ok

Origami Fox

5 Minutes

origami puppy | Origami Ok

Origami Puppy

5 Minutes

origami cicada | Origami Ok

Origami Snake

8 Minutes

origami duck | Origami Ok

Origami Duck

5 Minutes

origami cute chicken | Origami Ok

Origami Chicken

5 Minutes

learn how to make Origami Penguin | Origami Ok

Origami Penguin

5 Minutes

origami dinosaur | Origami Ok

Origami Dinosaure

15 minutes

Easy Origami Insects

Insects especially butterfly are another popular group in the world of origami.

origami butterfly | Origami Ok

Origami Butterfly

10 Minutes

origami bee | Origami Ok

Origami Bee

5 Minutes

Cicada | origami Cicada

Origami Cicada

10 Minutes

Origami Fish and Sea Creature

Easy fish, seahorse and lots of other sea creatures are best ideas if you want to make a sea creature gift card or a paper book.

origami shark | Origami Ok

Origami Shark

8 Minutes

origami seahorse | Origami Ok

Origami Seahorse

10 Minutes

crab face | origami ok

Origami Crab

5 Minutes

Easy Origami Bird

origami fortune teller | Origami Ok

Origami Crow

8 Minutes

origami dove | Origami Ok

Origami Dove

10 Minutes

Easy Fruit and Vegetables

origami tomato | Origami Ok

Origami Tomato

5 Minutes

origami cherry | Origami Ok

Origami Cherry

10 Minutes

origami peach | Origami Ok

Origami Peach

8 Minutes

origami banana | Origami Ok

Origami Banana

5 Minutes

origami mushroom | Origami Ok

Origami Mushroom

5 Minutes

origami eggplant | Origami Ok

Origami Eggplant

5 Minutes

origami watermelon | Origami Ok

Origami Watermelon

5 Minutes

how to make an origami apple | OrigamiOk

Origami Flat Apple

5 Minutes

Easy Origami Clothes

origami witch hat | Origami Ok

Origami Witch Hat

5 Minutes

origami overalls | Origami Ok

Origami Overalls

5 Minutes

Origami navy skirt | OrigamiOK

Origami Navy Dress

10 Minutes

origami dress | origami ok

Origami Dress

10 Minutes

Easy Origami for Christmas

origami gloves | Origami Ok

Origami Gloves

10 Minutes

origami Santa | Origami Ok

Origami Santa

8 Minutes

origami bell | Origami Ok

Origami Bell

8 Minutes

Easy Origami Flowers

origami 5 petal origami flower | Origami Ok

5 Petal Origami Flower

10 Minutes

origami flat flower | Origami Ok

Origami Flat Flower

10 Minutes

origami rose | origamiok

Origami Rose

20 minutes

Tips for beginning your origami world

For new beginners, following are some tips from us.

  1. Choose a clean and flat workspace as your operation area.
  2. Place additional tools like origami bone folder, ruler or paper clips on the color of the space.
  3. Start with clean dry paper. We will recommend starting with standard origami paper which is thin enough for folding. Use a two side origami paper can help to recognize the front and back side.
  4. Try combined models. Don’t be scared by the combined models, most of them are super easy with lots of repetition.

Hope you enjoy our list of easy origami ideas, we welcome any suggestion or recommendations. Happy folding!

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