Origami Animals – The Most Popular Paper Creatures

Origami Animals have been the top popular craft creature in the world of origami. Those animals comes in different shapes and sizes. No matter you are beginners or skilled for origami, there are some of the best ideas on this page.

Animal Face

Animal face is the easiest starting point. Most of the animal face require less than 20 steps.

origami frog face | Origami Ok

Origami Frog Face

10 Minutes

origami pig face | Origami Ok

Origami Pig Face

5 Minutes

origami elephant face | Origami Ok

Origami Elephant Face

5 Minutes

origami fox face | Origami Ok

Origami Fox Face

5 Minutes

origami cow face | Origami Ok

Origami Cow Face

5 Minutes


Origami Monkey Face

5 Minutes

origami panda face

Origami Panda Face

5 Minutes

bear face | origami ok

Origami Bear Face

5 Minutes

how to make origami dog face | origami ok

Origami Dog Face

6 Minutes

rabbit face | Origami Ok

Origami Rabbit Face

5 Minutes

easy origami cat face | Origami Ok

Origami Cat Face

5 Minutes

Easy Origami Animals

If you want to make some origami animals with body and legs, try the following origami animals.

origami fox | Origami Ok

Origami Fox

5 Minutes

origami puppy | Origami Ok

Origami Puppy

5 Minutes

origami cicada | Origami Ok

Origami Snake

8 Minutes

origami duck | Origami Ok

Origami Duck

5 Minutes

origami cute chicken | Origami Ok

Origami Chicken

5 Minutes

learn how to make Origami Penguin | Origami Ok

Origami Penguin

5 Minutes

origami dinosaur | Origami Ok

Origami Dinosaure

15 minutes

Middle level Origami Animals

The following model needs some advanced skills.

origami dinosaur | Origami Ok

Origami Dinosaur

15 Minutes

Origami Crane | Origami Ok

Origami Crane

15 Minutes

how to make origami frog| origami ok

Origami Frog

10 Minutes

Advanced Origami Animals

We have video instructions for following advanced origami animals. Once you finished the above easier ones, try the advanced models.

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