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Origami Ideas

This is a collection of the most classic origami ideas, from origami heart, to jumping frog. You can start with the traditional models to start folding.

origami butterfly | Origami Ok

Origami Butterfly

10 Minutes

Origami Crane | Origami Ok

Origami Crane

15 Minutes

how to make origami frog| origami ok

Origami Frog

10 Minutes

origami heart | origami ok

Origami Heart

10 Minutes

Showing Love

Origami Heart

Heart is the best way of expressing love and caring for friendly and family. We have demonstrate origami heart in different shapes and sizes either as a bookmark, ring or envelop.

origami blossom heart | Origami Ok

Origami Blossom Heart

8 Minutes

origami heart ring | Origami Ok

Origami Heart Ring

10 Minutes

origami puffy heart | OrigamiOK

Origami Puffy Heart

10 Minutes

how to make origami heart box | origami ok

Origami Heart Box

10 Minutes

learn to origami | origami ok
Learn to origami

Start here

Unfold our beginner’s guide of origami. Learn the basics, lines and how to read the tutorials and diagrams.


Our popular Origami Ideas

Browse our most popular origami ideas.

Easy and simple origami for beginner |

Easy Origami Ideas

origami animals |

Origami Animals

origami for kids |

Easy Origami for Kids

origami box collection

Origami Boxes

Origami Box

Origami Boxes are the most practical ideas in the world of origami. You may want to use them as a gift container or use in daily life for better arrangement of small items. Following are some of our best origami box ideas.

origami pyramid box |

Origami Pyramid Box

15 Minutes

origami heart box |

Origami Heart Box

15 Minutes

origami box with lid |

Origami Box With Lid

15 Minutes

origami bunny box |

Origami Bunny Box

15 Minutes


Origami Animal Face

Origami Animal Face is the easiest starting point for starting origami. It is super kids friendly and most of the models can be finished within 10 minutes. Those animal face can be used on gift card.

origami frog face | Origami Ok

Origami Frog Face

10 Minutes

origami pig face | Origami Ok

Origami Pig Face

5 Minutes

origami elephant face | Origami Ok

Origami Elephant Face

5 Minutes

origami fox face | Origami Ok

Origami Fox Face

5 Minutes

Origami Animal

Animal is the most creative and best part in the world of origami. From easy to advanced models, we provide you the best and most interesting ideas for origami animals.

origami dinosaur | Origami Ok

Origami Dinosaur

15 Minutes

origami fox | Origami Ok

Origami Fox

5 Minutes

origami puppy | Origami Ok

Origami Puppy

5 Minutes

origami cicada | Origami Ok

Origami Snake

8 Minutes