How to Make an Easy Origami Butterfly

Butterfly is a great origami idea. This model is super easy.

You can make a batch of easy origami butterflies in different colors and attach them to your gift card or box.

Another great choice is to line them up with a string and place them in an origami box. Like the above, you can use them as a baby mobile element. Let’s get started.

origami butterfly | Origami Ok

If you are new to origami, start here from our beginner guide to know the basics and how to read the step-by-step instructions.

  • Folding time: 10 minutes
  • Paper: 7.5×15 cm
  • Difficulty: Easy, Beginner friendly


Get a 7.5*15 cm origami paper with one purple and one white side, and you will get a 5.8*7.5 cm mini beautiful butterfly. You can also choose other colors of paper to your liking.


Easy Origami Butterfly Video

You can refer to the video and follow along to finish or follow our step-by-step picture tutorial.

Step by Step Instruction

Step 1

Start with the white side of the paper facing up and fold in half.


Step 2

Fold it in half again from left to right.


Step 3

Slightly open the bottom right corner, gently push it, and flatten, ensuring the crease is in the center.


Step 4

Flip it over.


Step 5

Use the same manner to open the right corner and flatten it.


Step 6

Take the right top layer, and fold it to the left diagonally.


Step 7

Flip the paper over again.


Step 8

Fold the right top layer to the left diagonally.


Step 9

Slightly open the paper from the top.


Step 10

Fold the back edge down.


Step 11

Flip it over again.


Step 12

Similarly, fold the back edge down.


Step 13

Close it.


Step 14

Fold the left part to the right along the center crease.


Step 15

Flip it over.


Step 16

Repeat this as in step 14.


Step 17

Slightly open the right corner.


Step 18

Gently press the top point of the corner down, then flatten it.


Step 19

Similarly, open the left corner.


Step 20

Then press it down and flatten it, now you have this beautiful butterfly.


Now we finished this simple but lovely origami butterfly. Although it does’t require complex folding technique, the shape is quite cute and lovely. You can further explore more animal origami ideas like origami crane, or origami frog. Happy folding.

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origami butterfly | Origami Ok

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