How to Make an Easy Origami Monkey Face

When I first saw this monkey face, I found it very funny. It’s an interesting origami design that you shouldn’t miss. With just a few simple steps, creating one with friends or family would be a great way to spend time and bring joy.

origami monkey face

We provide step-by-step diagram instructions and beginner-friendly videos. Check both for quicker learning.

If you are new to origami, start here from our beginner guide to know the basics and how to read the step-by-step instructions.

  • Folding time: 5 minutes
  • Paper: 15×15 cm
  • Difficulty: Easy, Beginner friendly


Here I use a 15*15 cm origami paper, with one yellow and one white side, and I got a 9.5*11 cm monkey face. You can use other sizes of square paper to fold a bigger or smaller monkey face.


Easy Origami Monkey Face Video

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

Start with the white side of the paper facing up and fold it in half diagonally, crease it well then unfold it.


Step 2

Fold it diagonally from right to left, crease it well then unfold it.


Step 3

Fold the two edges a little toward the center.


Step 4

Repeat this for these two edges.


Step 5

Fold the top point down to form a triangle.


Step 6

Fold both the left and right points toward the center along the dotted line. We are shaping the face of the monkey.


Step 7

Flip the paper over.


Step 8

Fold the bottom point up a little.


Step 9

Flip the paper over again.


Step 10

Now get this lovely monkey face, you can draw eyes, nose and mouth for this cute monkey.


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origami monkey face

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