How to Make an Origami Puffy Heart

This is a puffy or 3D origami heart beyond the traditional flat origami heart. If you love to make origami heart or want to express your caring and love for loved ones, try this one.

It even requires less steps than the traditional version and the finished origami heart can puffy up. So you can use it as decoration of gift box or as the center of an origami gift.

origami puffy heart | OrigamiOK

If you are new to origami, start here from our beginner guide to know the basics and how to read the step-by-step instructions.

  • Folding time: 10 minutes
  • Paper: 15×15 cm
  • Difficulty: Easy, Beginner friendly


Get a 15*15 cm origami paper, one red and one white side. The finished origami puffy heart will be in the color of the color side. You can also use patterned papers.

origami puffy heart | Origami Ok

Easy Origami Puffy Heart Video

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Start with the white side of the paper facing up, and fold the bottom edge up a little along the dotted line.

origami puffy heart | Origami Ok

Step 2

Fold it in half horizontally.

origami puffy heart | Origami Ok

Step 3

Fold the bottom left and right corners up to the top edge diagonally.

origami puffy heart | Origami Ok

Step 4

Fold the top edges of both triangles down to the right hypotenuse.

origami puffy heart | Origami Ok

Step 5

Crease them well, and unfold them.

origami puffy heart | Origami Ok

Step 6

Fold the left and right corners to the left edges of the triangles, to meet the points where the creases you just made are located, creating two small triangles.

origami puffy heart | Origami Ok

Step 7

Gently open the right small triangle, take the two layers below the triangle, and tuck them into the small triangle.

Repeat this for the left side.

origami puffy heart | Origami Ok

Step 8

Fold the four corners of the paper’s top part to the center a little, to make the heart looks more rounder.

Blow into it from the bottom to puff it up, while pressing down the middle point of the top edge.

origami puffy heart | Origami Ok

Step 9

Flip the paper over, this is the final shape of the cute puffy heart.

origami puffy heart | Origami Ok

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